WikiLeaks Releases Details on How the CIA Spies on your Everyday Life

WikiLeaks Releases Details on How the CIA Spies on your Everyday Life

The CIA spies on the everyday lives of Americans. Thanks to a new report from WikiLeaks, we know how the CIA spies on us.

Earlier this month, WikiLeaks released a flurry of new information about Vault 7 as part of a series of CIA leaks. The latest leaks shed light on how ordinary people can easily be tracked and targeted by America’s leading intelligence agency through the use of everyday electronic devices.

Earlier this year, WikiLeaks revealed that the CIA’s hacking techniques included the targeting of mobile phones and conducting surveillance via smart TVs. The CIA also targets and executes malware on other smart devices in your home or pockets.

Here are just a few of the tactics the CIA uses to track the lives of everyday Americans:

The CIA Tracks You Through Home Security Systems

WikiLeaks has released details of a CIA program called “Dumbo”. Under Dumbo, the CIA has a system that can manipulate home security systems, which means the CIA can spy on you in your own home using security cameras you may have purchased yourself.

They May Be Able to Monitor Webcams and Microphones on Windows

WikiLeaks also reports that the CIA has the ability to alter the functionality of webcams and microphones on operating systems that run Microsoft Windows. After gaining access to a Windows PC, the CIA can also corrupt video recordings.

Smart TVs Could Be Tracking You

The next time you’re staring at your smart TV, you may want to pause to consider the frightening thought that someone is staring back at you. The CIA may have the ability to hack into smart TVs. As explained in the WikiLeaks “Weeping Angel” program, the CIA allegedly has access to a range of tools that can transform your smart TV into a secret microphone capable of recording and storing audio.

The CIA Can Track Androids in Dozens of Different Ways

The CIA seems to particularly like to track Android devices. WikiLeaks report that the CIA has access to 24 “zero day” exploits it uses to track Android devices worldwide. The CIA exploits vulnerabilities and secretly collects data on individuals. Considering Android is used by 85% of the world’s smartphones, this is a frightening level of phone tracking power.

WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and Other Messaging Apps Are Vulnerable

Do you think the communications within your messaging app are private? Think again. The Vault 7 leaks discuss how the CIA has the ability to track messages sent through WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Wiebo, and other messaging apps.

The CIA Can Track your iPhone

The CIA doesn’t just track Android phones. The Vault 7 leaks reveal that the CIA has a special division dedicated to hacking Apple devices. They use a specific smartphone tracker known as NightSkies to target Apple products like the iPhone and MacBook Air. Apple has even been accused of allowing the CIA to infiltrate factory-fresh iPhones before tracking and controlling those iPhones remotely.

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