White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Discovers Secret Tracking Software on His Personal Smartphone

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Discovers Secret Tracking Software on His Personal Smartphone

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly may have been using a compromised smartphone for months before the tracking software was discovered.

According to a new report from Politico, the smartphone tracking software was only discovered after Kelly reported weird glitches to the White House tech support team.

The tracking software was discovered over the summer.

It’s still unclear when the initial infection occurred. However, the glitches reportedly persisted for “months”. Politico cites a memo circulated by White House staff in September where other staff were warned to be aware of any similar “glitches” on their own devices – which suggests that it’s part of a widespread attack to infiltrate the White House.

What makes this situation even scarier is that the SMS tracking software was installed on John Kelly’s personal device – rather than a secure phone issued by the government.

In a statement to Politico, the White House revealed that Kelly had rarely used the device since joining the administration. Nevertheless, “even occasional use could have exposed sensitive government information to attackers.”

High Level Officials Are Increasingly Targeted by Phone Tracking Software

Whether it’s the White House Chief of Staff in the United States or foreign embassies worldwide, high-level government officials are being increasingly targeted by tracking software. Many of these officials use the same consumer smartphones used by ordinary individuals. For weeks after Donald Trump’s inauguration, for example, the president tweeted using a Galaxy S3 – a 4 year old smartphone that hadn’t received a software update in over a year.

High level officials have always been targeted by foreign intelligence agencies. However, officials who use old, error-prone smartphones are making themselves particularly irresistible targets.

Twitter metadata shows Trump stopped using his Galaxy S3 as the year went on. It’s unclear if the phone was ever compromised.

However, in a widely-circulated video from February, The Verge indicated how easy it would be to hack the president’s phone:

Ultimately, whether it’s the White House Chief of Staff or the President of the United States, it’s never a good idea for high-level officials to use ordinary consumer-oriented smartphones. Given the seriousness of the information that passes across their desks on a daily basis, a leak from these individuals could change the course of world history.

Conclusion: SpyStealth Could Be Used to Track Donald Trump’s Phone

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Since Donald Trump was tweeting from a Galaxy S3 while acting as President of the United States, it’s reasonable to assume that SpyStealth could have tracked the president’s smartphone.

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