Man Uses “Genius” Trick to Track Down Phone Thief

Man Uses “Genius” Trick to Track Down Phone Thief

If you’ve ever had a phone stolen, then you know how awful it can feel. One woman recently had her phone stolen after working hard to pay for the phone all summer – and her brother used a genius phone trick to get the phone back.

The story was reported by the Daily Star – so for all we know, it’s completely made up. However, it’s a good example of how phone tracking can be used for good or bad.

Here’s what happened: a girl had her phone stolen after working for it all summer.

The phone thief then used a separate phone to text the girl’s brother. The thief impersonated the sister, asking if he knew the password to the girl’s phone.

In a series of hilarious texts, the thief continues pretending to be the sister, demanding to know the password to enter the phone. The brother immediately realized what’s going on. The plot quickly becomes a murder mystery-level drama.

The brother hints that he just got finished digging a grave for a murder victim.

“We had to take the you know what and dig a hole three times as deep as we had planned.”

The thief ignores the awkward texts and continues asking for the password. The brother draws the thief in deeper, saying he can get the phone’s password from “the boss”, but it might make “them” angry.

“Boss just called me…and I had to tell him. You are in for it now. I can’t say much but go bury the suitcase somewhere only you know.”

The thief finally clues in that this phone theft might have been more dangerous than he realized. He starts asking if it was a joke.

The brother insists it’s not a joke and says, “You know how fast he can track you down.”

The thief then admits that he was just playing a “prank” and he’s dropping off the phone and heading for North Dakota.

The brother adds that this isn’t a good idea because that’s “on his turf” and “You know what happened to Vince.”

“There is a very serious bad man” tracking the phone anywhere you go.

Finally, the brother issues the coup de grace, saying, “Who can track that phone? I would suggest turning it in to your nearest police department. I am not joking. You are in danger.”

Within hours, the local sheriff had got in touch with the brother to say the phone – along with a driver’s license and a bank card – had just been handed in.

The messages were posted on Imgur earlier this week.

Can Someone Really Track You Over a Phone?

Could a crime lord really track your location over a phone – then hunt you down when you did something wrong?

Of course it’s possible. Today, SMS tracking software and other monitoring software can be used to send your location to anyone – including loved ones, a jealous spouse, or a crime boss – over the internet. Unless someone has physical access to your phone, however, it’s unlikely they’re able to track you.