A Growing Number of Parents Now Track their Kids’ Phones

A Growing Number of Parents Now Track their Kids’ Phones

Parents are some of the biggest fans of phone tracking software. It’s a scary world out there, and phone tracking gives parents another layer of reassurance that their child is safe.

A growing number of parents now admit to tracking their kids’ phones. In an article posted on Babble.com, one mother admitted to secretly tracking her child’s phone, saying, “I Don’t Feel Good About Spying On My Kid’s Phone – But I’m Doing It Anyway.”

That mother claims that she got the idea from her son’s teacher:

“According to my son’s head teacher, this is exactly what you should be doing. That’s right — spying on your kids. At a school meeting I attended last week, parents were actively encouraged to look at their children’s phones on a regular basis to monitor their apps, chats, texts, and social media updates.”

In this situation, the child is 11 years old. That’s the first year of high school in the UK (they start earlier). The parents knew their child needed a phone, but they also felt it would be a bad idea to give their child unrestricted access to the world of smartphones.

The primary goal of the phone was to allow their child to communicate while getting to and from school. Obviously, however, it doesn’t take long for a kid to use a phone for more than just basic communication. That’s where phone tracking and SMS tracking software can be helpful.

How can parents balance safety concerns with the real threats of the internet? A growing number are now using phone tracking software.

Phone Tracking Software is Ideal for Parents

A growing number of parents are now using phone tracking software to monitor their child’s behavior. Many of these parents have strict usage rules for their child’s phone. To ensure their child is meeting these rules, they install tracking software.

  • Tracking software can be used to:
  • Monitor a child’s location
  • Track SMS messages
  • Monitor app usage
  • View downloads, photos, and other files on the phone

This software is easy to install and manage. With SpyStealth, for example, you download the software to any ordinary computer, then connect your child’s smartphone to the computer. The software installs itself on the smartphone, and you can manage everything remotely from your computer.

Most Parents Inform their Child of the Tracking Software

Typically, it’s illegal to use tracking software without someone’s permission. Obviously, if it’s your own child, it’s more of a trust issue than a legal issue.

However, based on most reports we can find online, parents are happy to disclose the tracking software to their child.

“The school told me that we should be transparent about the fact we are checking up on our kids, so they are away that anything they are saying online is something their parents will be able to see.”

Other parents, however, take a different approach. They silently install tracking software on their child’s tablet or smartphone.

This might not seem like a big deal when your child is 8 or 9. But what do you do when your child is becoming a teenager at 15 or 16? Should you still be snooping on their phone every day?

We’re not a parenting advice website, but the best answer is that every child is different. Some kids thrive under supervision. Others will rebel. It depends on your own unique relationship – and level of trust – with your child.


Ultimately, nearly 50% of children between ages 2 and 12 now have a smartphone or tablet. This can be great for entertainment and security. However, it also introduces serious concerns about privacy and behavior. To protect your child, consider installing phone tracking software like SpyStealth today.