How to Find a Lost iPhone or Android

How to Find a Lost iPhone or Android

So you lost your iPhone or Android. It doesn’t have to be gone forever. Whether it’s stuck in the couch or being disassembled in a bad part of town, you can take steps to find your lost iPhone or Android in minutes.

Find a Lost Android with Android Device Manager

Google has a built-in device tracker feature. It should be enabled by default on your Android. To see if your phone can be found with ADM, visit Log into your Google account, then choose your device from the list. If your GPS signal is enabled, your phone should pop up on this list.

Obviously, you can use this to track your own phone or anyone’s phone – if you know their Google account information, then you can sign into Android Device Manager at any time to see their approximate geographic location.

Using ADM, you can also make your device ring or remotely wipe your data – so if your phone was stolen, then you can ensure your private data stays out of the wrong hands.

Find a Lost iPhone with Find My iPhone

One of the annoying things about Find My iPhone is that you need to enable it before your iPhone is lost or stolen. To do that, go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone.

If you were smart enough to enable Find My iPhone before you lost your phone, then you can track it anywhere using your iCloud account. You can also sign into Find My iPhone on another apple device to identify the geographic location of your phone.

Use Third Party Apps and Software

Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager were both created by Apple and Google. They’re official tracking programs that come pre-installed onto your iOS or Android device.

Third party apps often provide additional benefits – like the ability to take a picture from a front-facing camera to identify the person holding your phone.

Third party apps like SpyStealth can also track your SMS messages, monitor app usage, and perform other valuable functions.

Whether your phone is lost or stolen, or you’re just monitoring someone’s mobile activity, you can depend on apps like SpyStealth to provide comprehensive information about the tracked device.