4 Easy Ways to Track a Lost Phone

4 Easy Ways to Track a Lost Phone

Are you trying to track your lost phone? Are you curious about where your partner’s phone is at this very moment? Today, we’re explaining the best ways to track a lost phone – even if you’re not a tech expert.

1) Android Device Manager

If you or your partner use an Android, then Android Device Manager is one of the easiest ways to find the phone. As long as your device is connected to your Google Account, you can login to Android Device Manager from any computer and locate your phone.

ADM will pinpoint the location of your device. You can view map data for your device and perform additional functions – like make it ring at maximum volume (something I’ve used many times to find my lost phone inside my couch or home).

To check Android Device Manager for your lost phone, visit http://www.android.com/find on any internet-connected device. Then, just sign into your Google account and choose the device you’re trying to find. As long as your phone’s location signal is turned on, and your Google account is linked to the device, then ADM should be able to find it.

You can also use ADM to lock your phone with a PIN or password (even if you hadn’t previously set one). Or, you can add a recovery message to the lock screen (like, “please call this number if you have my phone”).

If you’re worried about someone accessing private data on your phone, then you can even use Android Device Manager to wipe all data from the device.

Don’t have access to a computer? You can install an Android app called Find My Device from the Play Store. Install that on another Android, and you’ll find your device in no time.

Third Party Phone Trackers

Third party phone trackers like SpyStealth are ideal for tracking a lost phone – or any phone you wish to track. SpyStealth can track everything performed on a phone.

Alternatively, apps like Cerberus Anti-Theft, Family Locator, and Lost Android are all popular apps you can install on your phone to remotely access it if it gets lost or stolen (however, you typically need to install and setup these apps before you lose your phone).

Find My iPhone

The methods listed above work best for Androids. What if you’re trying to track an iPhone or iPad? In that case, Find My iPhone is the service you need to track and find your missing Apple device.

Find My iPhone is Apple’s built-in service for keeping your device safe. If your device is lost or stolen, you can also use Find My iPhone’s Activation Lock to keep your information safe and make it hard for anyone to use or sell it (Apple basically disables an iPhone remotely and prevents it from being wiped or re-used).

Read Apple’s support article here for additional assistance on using Find My iPhone to uncover your lost or stolen device.

Track the IMEI Number

If someone has already stolen your phone and wiped it, then you may be out of luck. In this situation, there’s only one final course of action for you to take: you can track your International Mobile Equipment Number (IMEI). Similar to a serial number on a bike, your IMEI is a number imprinted on the hardware of your phone itself.

Even after a factory wipe, your IMEI remains the same.

You can find your IMEI by dialing #06#. Or, you can check the area behind your battery for a printout of the IMEI number.

If you don’t have access of your phone, then you may need to contact your carrier to get that information. They may be able to team up with law enforcement to track down your phone – say, if the police have recently busted a house where they found hundreds of stolen phones.

Alternatively, you can search for your IMEI online to see if it pops up on any reseller websites – although this isn’t very likely.

By following the tips listed above, you can track your phone and ensure it never stays lost or stolen for long.